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Part 1. How to Turn iPhone 6S into a Spy Camera?

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NOTE: This application is intended to be used for fun.

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It's not intended to record hidden audio or video or any other thing that may violate other's privacy rights. It's not our intention to promote spying others.


Delayed trigger, sequencer and so many other options will blow your mind! The Motion Detector is available as a paid feature inside the application. This will prevent that someone that grabs your device while recording can access your files. They are totally private and yours.


Top Wireless Spy Camera for iPhone & Android

Chose between a default unlock screen or a camouflaged unlock screen that shows a functional calculator fooling anyone. You may export them via eMail or Itunes Share. You may also copy your files from the camera roll to our private storage so you don't have to delete those photos or videos that you don't want on the public camera roll. If you have any doubt, concern or suggestion, you are welcome to contact us at contact inzori.

We will answer your email right away!.

Iphone 6s Plus spy cam app - Can we spy on iphone 5

We love what we do and we try to do it well, if you have problems with the application or don't understand how a feature works, contact us before writing a bad review. A spy camera is not a device that needs to be used by spies or in movies. These devices are available easily and people can now have full access in day to day lives.

A spy camera is highly useful tool to have all around your home in order to check different incidents that one could otherwise one want to have keeping on checking every now and then. If you are too much worried whether the babysitter you have appointed is properly taking care of your small kid or whether the home safer or not, from lurking stalkers or the housebreaker.

These are some of the common fear that the people are having.

Iphone 6s Plus spy cam app

That is the reason why, using a secret camera is to be placed in the home or office or shop etc that could help you in staying around and keeps rational head ensuring to be updated fully if something wrong happens. The spy secret camera apps also accompany motion detectors in notifying user of an unexpected movement.

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It is one of the topmost popularly used and reliable software for doing monitoring. If you worry that what your employee or children or even spouse is doing at your home use FoneTracker. Just install the app directly in the mobile phone that is compatible and other whom you are seeking to monitor. The program is inserting activities logs into the online account. A hacker will be getting details on your account through any web browser for viewing logs. Operation time of the secret camera considering accumulator is about 2 hours however the charging time of the accumulator oscilates from 2 to 3 hours.

The iPhone Spy Camera

The secret camera PV-IP6HDW thanks to its functionality, miniature lens, quadruble digital zoom as well as well thought design enable allows for discreet and convenient recording. Lawmate International is a world class brand, which specializes in manufacturing counter surveillance devices. Comment : also have only positive feelings towards this gear, cheers Report abuse.

Comment : In reality this product is even better and looks nicer Report abuse. Comment : I've recently got this case and I haven't got enough words of praise for it. Inconspicuous design, Superb quality of videos and photos, Wifi module for remote access plus simplicity of use. Comment : I knew that you have spying case for iPhone 4 and 5 but I wasn't aware that now you also sell one for iPhone 6!

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  3. Here are some of the top most popular spy secret camera options available for users to use-!

I was waiting for this to happen : I put my iPhone in it and now can use the concealed camera whenever and wherever needed. Definitely give 5 stars for that! Report abuse. Phone tracking software - SpyPhone 7in1. Recording employee's phone calls and text message inspection in Samsung Galaxy S6.